Saturday, March 19, 2011


I only have a few minutes now to sit down and focus on what I'm doing, so I'll be quick about this. I'm going to give you at least a little background on what's happening.

This is a copy-paste of an email I sent to my older brother telling him about the incident. It's a lot easier to do it this way than to retype everything.

I got off work early today, so I went down to the house site to check how the building was coming along. It was about 12 o'clock when I got down there. The workers were off for their lunchbreak, and only one or two were still there. I walked around a bit, and accidentally left my jacket in the garage. When I was about to leave, I realized I had left my jacket and went back in to get it. i came out, and standing about 25 feet away from me, between two trees, was a figure.

I swear to you, that thing looked about 6 and a half feet tall. What freaked me out about it was its head. I kid you not, it looked like it had a pillowcase or something on its face. Something white and flowy. I couldn't really tell what the rest of it looked like. There was no light shining off of it, or anything (Remember this is about noon. In Mississippi.). It was just standing there, staring straight at me. I walked over a few steps, trying to make sure it wasn't a paper bag or anything, but it didn't move. AT ALL.

Really freaked out then, I went back over to the main house site, where the two workers were sitting, eating. I asked them if anyone else was there, and they said it was just the two of them. The others had gone out to eat. I told them about the thing, and they said they hadn't seen it. When they saw how scared I sounded, one of them (I think his name's David?) walked over to the garage with me.

There was nothing there.

Really about to pee myself, he walked me to my car and told me not to worry about it, that I was probably just seeing things. I'm not so sure. I'm pretty scared right now, Ry.

So. That was the first time I'd seen it. I didn't know what-er...who it was until he sent me a link to the MarbleHornets tvTropes page. I began to read up on it. I think I've read every Slender Blog out there, trying to learn more about it. For a while, it was a sick fascination with the unknown. Ryder (my brother) told me to calm down a little and stay away from it. This happened about a month ago.

A few weeks ago, things started happening. I started sleepwalking, getting sick around the woods, and forgetting simple things, like my cell phone number, passwords, and what I was doing. Then, it got worse. Nightmares, forgetting chunks of my day, waking up outside my house.... 

Since then, I've only seen it once, but I've heard it. Every night. Sometimes in the day. There's tapping on the window of whichever room I'm sleeping in, and sometimes on the door. I see shadows crossing the windows at night. As for the symptoms, so far, those are the only ones, but my throat has been sore for the last few days.

When I last saw it (March 3, I think it was), it was only around 9 o'clock. I was in my uncle's den with a pair of headphones on, listening to white noise (the only thing that helps me concentrate) and drawing in my Notebook. I got a weird feeling, like something was watching me, then I looked up to the row of windows on the other side of the den, and it was there. Just standing there. I couldn't see the very top of its head, but it was there. Oh God. It kind of scares me to talk about it. It stood there for a few minutes, and I sat still on the couch, praying it didn't see me, but I knew it did. It raised a hand, then tapped the glass, and I ran. I couldn't help it. I ran to the guest room I was sleeping in, and it was there, at the window, this time with its tentacles or tendrils or whatever the hell they are out. I stuffed a few essentials into the pack, and I was gone. I took my car, and didn't even say goodbye to my uncle. I drove for... I don't know how long. I think I was a state over by the time I stopped at a motel for the night. Since then, I've been hopping around from relative's house to motel to anywhere else with multiple floors.

Have any of you had any kind of experiences? Have the rules worked for you?


  1. I haven't had any experiences, just reading blogs, watching EMH, MH, The Andersen Journals...
    You seem really horrified. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.
    Have you tried to contact any others? Maybe even M?

  2. Be really careful. You never know what can happen.
    Thanks for the concern, really. It's kind of a big shock, you know?
    I haven't tried to contact any others as of the last few days. I was going to try to contact M (that guy knows his stuff.), but since he hasn't been active, I decided not to waste any time I have. I know a few other runners, yes, but I haven't tried to contact any exclusively lately.

  3. Although M hasn't posted in a while (like three months...), he HAS been commenting on other blogs and such, or so I've heard. He's pretty active outiside of his own blog. Talking to him might be worth it.

  4. I might just try that. Thank you.

  5. Did you ever get a response from M, Lola?