Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beginnings. Not really.

Uh... Well. Hi. 

I'm new to this blogging deal, but I guess now's as good a time as any to start one. 

You see.... There's this thing...

What an asinine way to start. 

I don't have any business doing this. It's ridiculous. Why should I heap my stupid problems on you, who have so many? 

What the hell are you doing on here anyway? Seeking guidance? Someone to listen? Someone to help? You've come to the right place, you know. We're in it together, apparently, so we have to pull through together. I'll listen to you, you listen to me. Sounds fair, right?

So... How do I start?

- Once upon a time, there was a stupid teenager who thought she could avoid a curse. She was wrong. 
- Somewhere in the southern United States lives a girl. She's got some problems.
- I really have no idea what I'm doing.
- The noises are getting louder.
- help

You know, none of those really seems to be doing anything for me. How about you? 

Sorry. I'm not really focusing right now. I can't seem to concentrate on anything. I keep glancing over my shoulder, but I know there's nothing there. There can't be ANYTHING there. I'm just overreacting. Been watching too many horror movies lately, right, Lola? Been drinking too many caffeinated drinks lately, right, Lola? Lame excuse for humour, right, Lola? Yeah. 

Huh. Well. I'll just wing it, right?

I'm Lola, last name unimportant right now. I'll tell it if it's necessary. I'm in my upper teens, age also unimportant. I guess you could just push this whole thing off on stupid teenage hormones, but that's just not cutting it. I can't handle this. 

I'm not a very resilient person. I'm not the best at keeping myself together. My coping mechanisms are basically composed of me curled up under the covers repeating to myself "I'm okay, there's nothing there, there's nothing there, there's nothing there." That used to work fine, until I realized:  There's always something there. I'm practically bawling my eyes out right now trying to type this, because there's no where else for me to turn. I've bounced around from relative to relative, staying nowhere more than 3 days, tops; been getting up high, been trying to stay away from forests (but that's kind of hard, considering I'm SURROUNDED BY THEM), been staying near water; I have the operator symbol drawn on my back, hands, feet and neck in Sharpie, not to mention it's on my jeans and jacket. I'm following the rules. BUT. I'm alone, the people I love think I'm crazy, I'm probably going out of my mind, I can't relax, and, oh yeah, one more thing. I'm being stalked to my death by something out of a Lovecraft book that wants to rip out my organs and drape them over tree branches. Did I mention that?

Oh. Well. Yeah. Slender Man. It. The Suit. The Tall One. Slendy. You know. MarbleHornets, EverymanHYBRID, White Elephants. That shit. 

I'm just a stupid kid who got in WAY over her head. 

I need help.


  1. Tall suited man you say? Ehehe. This "Slenderman" sounds like the guy me 'n J***b are trying to find, but y'know...Not...Uh...scary.

  2. Well... good luck with that?